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May 13, 2023May 15, 2023 Buy Tickets

An uplifting musical for the whole family.

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    • May 13, 2023May 15, 2023
    • Duration 2.5 hours
    • Location Sutherland Arts Theatre
    • Session Times Saturday 13 May 6pm Sunday 14 May 2pm
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    • From $35 + booking fees
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Please note this production is presented at the Sutherland Arts Theatre on East Parade.

Pollyanna is an uplifting musical for the whole family composed by the Russian musician Dmitry Kotleev. Based on the famous novel “Pollyanna” by the American writer Eleanor Porter, this is a story about an orphan girl Pollyanna who moves in with her aunt in New England.

Despite being unwanted, Pollyanna’s exuberance and positivity affect everyone who meets her, and she spreads joy and love wherever she goes. But when tragedy strikes, Pollyanna finds her optimistic attitude tested and she must learn to find happiness again.

The musical will be performed in Russian with English subtitles.

Composer and Lyricist: Dmitry Kotleev
Director: Victoria Artikova
Executive Producer: Dmitry Kotleev
Vocal Director: Oksana Popova
Props: Victoria Artikova, Dmitry Kotleev
Costumes: Victoria Artikova, Svetlana Mozherykina
Lights: Daniel Kucherenko
Sound: Oleksii Kucherenko
English translation and subtitles: Mike Kulikov
Special thanks to Elena Ponomareva and Artyom Nosovtsev

Pollyanna Whittier: Anna Kotleeva
Nancy: Sofya Kotleeva
Miss Polly Harrington: Victoria Stepanenko
Dr Thomas Chilton: Danil Klimontov
Mr John Pendleton: Dmitry Kotleev
Jimmy Bean: Olga Kotleeva
Mrs Snow: Valentina Verevkina
Milly Snow: Tatiana Kotleeva

Citizens: Dmitry Kislov, Elizabeth Petrova, Ivan Goluzov, Lana Males, Sophie Klimontova, Tatiana Kotleeva, Victoria Ross

Important Notice

The Pavilion consists of two venues located approximately 600 metres apart:

To avoid arriving at the wrong venue, please check your ticket for venue and location information before attending.